Tomorrow morning I leave for the International Encaustic Artists retreat in Carmel, California. It will be a weekend filled with learning new techniques and meeting other artists who have a passion for encaustic painting. I’m very excited! I’ve only been a part of this group for a short time, but they have been extremely welcoming and inclusive and I can’t wait to meet them in person.

I’ll be doing a demonstration of my collage technique using photographs printed onto tissue paper, so I made these examples to take with me:

Untitled 1 Untitled 2

I haven’t figured out what to call them yet, so if you have any suggestions please let me know! I’m working on the theme of time passing and how things evolve. These little 8″ x 8″ works will likely end up being sketches that will be used to make much larger final pieces.

Attending the retreat will also give me a chance to attend the opening night of “Off the Grid: New Directions in Wax” at the Lauryn Taylor Gallery. My work was accepted into the show, also in Carmel, and it will be exciting to see the variety of work they’ll have. I’ll post photos and information about the weekend when I get back!

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