Remember the sketch i posted last week? Well, it’s finally done. I thought it would be fun to see the sketch and the final piece side by side. I’d love to hear your comments. This is a very new style for me.

Here’s the initial sketch:

House sketch

And the finished art:

Altering the Path

Altering the Path
12” x 15”, 2007
Encaustic wax painting:
wax, resin, pigment, handmade paper, Japanese receipt book from 1903, oil pastel

With the first sketch, with just the house and water, it came to me in a dream. I dreamed of it several times actually, but there was always a bird there too. The bird isn’t in the first sketch because there was something about it I still didn’t understand. I knew the bird was supposed to be doing something – some sort of action – but I knew it wasn’t just flying.

Later that week a friend who had been sick for a long time passed away. When I started working on this piece again I saw the bird as a representation of my friend, moving from one plane to another. It’s hard to see in this photograph, but the bird turns into a breeze of gold and blue in the darker plane. I don’t know that I’ve ever made a painting based on a dream before. It doesn’t look like anything else I’ve made, but it seems like this was the only way it could be completed. I feel like I got it right.

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