OK, so the flag pole is actually free, but let’s not get ahead of ourselves. (Sorry folks, the flag pole is long gone!)

As you probably know by now I’m getting rid of a lot of the junk in my garage in order to build it out as my new art studio. My husband and I are deicated to using as many reclaimed materials as we can, but I’m also recycling the things I’m getting rid of. My neighbor very happily made off with half of our “free” pile including lattice and gardening pots, and a happy traveler screeched to a halt to pick up the extra bead board from our bathroom remodel to use as the backing on a shelf.

Bill and Todd remove the spring from the garage door hardware

But here’s the kicker: when we had to get rid of the old garage door opener hardware we knew who would want it. My friend and fellow artist, Todd Samusson, makes amazing sculptures from old hardware and reclaimed wood. The enormous spring from the garage door hardware was too much for him to pass up! You can see Todd’s work at the Mt. Tabor Art Walk on May 19 – 20. I won’t be participating this year because my studio will still be in progress, but you should really plan on attending this free event as I will. There a lots of talented artists within easy walking or bike riding distance and you’ll have a grand time. Don’t miss my neighbor, photographer Max Drake (location #2), and if I’m working in my studio feel free to stop by!

(Note: My husband just added a great post to his blog about our cleanout adventure that you might also enjoy: http://iblueyonder.wordpress.com/)