I’m taking an encaustic painting class at PNCA with Jef Gunn and am really enjoying it! I’ve been working in this medium for a few years now and teach encaustic workshops myself, so I already know most of the techniques he teaches, but every time I work with another artist, in any medium, I learn something new. That’s why I don’t think I’ll ever stop taking classes.

I’ll post my sketches from class here, so you can see how things evolve. The first piece is the beginning of a sketch for another painting. I posted it unfinished because I think you’ll be shocked at what it looks like when it’s finally done. You’ll still be able to make out many of the forms but it will be very different. Stay tuned!

House sketch

The second piece below is from an exercise we did using texture, and as you can see from the detail below, I really got into it. I love to scrape that wax!

Texture exercise

Texture exercise, detail house detail

Click either image above for a larger detail. In the detail of the house you’ll be able to see that its made up of material, wax, pigment and paper. The paper is a Japanese receipt book from 1903!

To view more sketches look here.